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"Ports" Senior Thesis

Two swashbuckling brothers, Jamin and Rashes, find themselves in a sticky situation after they are unable to pay off their bar tab. 

Ports was selected into six short film festivals and won The Award of Merit at the Best Shorts Competition.

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"PewDiePie VS T-Series"

A goofy short I made with the help of some friends during our spare time in college. Completing it on time was quite the balancing act but it ended up gaining over half a million views on YouTube. Which was neat!


"Well, Hello There..."

I made this short while working as a tractor driver at Honey Pot Hill Orchards. 
I voiced Farmer George and the audio is from an improvised recording I made in my Nana's kitchen. 
The Charlie Brown Christmas Special was a big inspiration for the art style and aesthetic. Along with the works of Jack Stauber and Joe Pera.
The staff at the farm loved it! Even though it's not totally accurate to what one would find on the farm. 
Original improvised recording
"Ports" Freshman Thesis

My first animated short!

Jamin and Rashes are at it again in their first animated adventure. This time accompanied by their two dogs, Frank and Beans.

The crew finds themselves stranded in the ocean and Jamin must use old navigation methods to find land. 
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